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for medicare patients? and paying some doctors more to treat patients mor for two years and a total arbitrary confing plan instead of addressing the entitlement. is getting votes in the process. >> it is only a temporary measure and only lasting two years. >> johnathon tagged approximate right. confusing is the worse. they are saying details are yet to be worked out. the administratn has not begin the final rules yet and they haven't plished the rates for medicare for 2013. here is a bill over 2000 pages long and put it together with glue. and no one read it or understand itself and they dump it on the bureaucracy and say you boys go ahead and interpert how we do >> and the federal government never knows what they are going to do. i hear the word uncertainty. it is for patients patients who are rejected for medicare or medicaid. poor people don't have insurance and they will either go to the emergency room and get exceptionally expensive care that we bear the cost of over go to doctors. now enough doctors are not treating for medicaid because reimbursementerates. it seems like a good idea? na
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)